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  • We service and repair a wide range of sheet metal machinery
  • Spares for CNC punch, laser, press brakes etc.
  • Used CNC Equipment
  • Acoustic Enclosures

Welcome to P&S Spares and Service Ltd. P&S is a company specialising in the service, repair and modernisation of a wide range of sheet metal and fabrication machinery. P&S supplies, not just the expertise, but also, a large stock of spare parts and technical information.

To replace those machines, unfortunately beyond repair, we offer a range of new, and used, sheet metal machinery.

Please click on the relevant link to see a brief insight to what we can offer, then please give us a call.


Sheet Metal Machinery, service, parts, tooling and modernisation


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P&S carries a large variety of spare parts, for a wide range of sheet metal machinery, and are still supplying parts for machines that are some 40 years old, machines such as Promecam, Elga, Stippit and Peddinghaus all names with a long history, however we still stock parts for all these machines, we also stock a wide range of parts for Finn Power, Adira, Guifil, Baykal, Boschert, Steirli, electrical, electronic and mechanical

Please contact our spares manager, David Brown, he can advise on our current stock, if we don’t have it we can normally find it, regardless of make, model or age

We supply guillotine shear blades for most of the well known models and manufacturers, where blades still have grind life we can organise the regrind, and if preferred, the removal and refitting

For further information please call David on - 01827 250000


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Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures

By their nature, machines are naturally noisy, to combat this, and to ensure your company complies with the very latest noise directives, P&S offers a range of acoustic enclosures

The enclosure is designed to your specific requirements, it can be installed on manual machines or machines with high levels of automated equipment, typical examples are

Punch presses

Power Presses

Press lines

High speed presses

Any machine where noise is an issue

Please contact us for further details

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Machine Modernisation

generic-solutionsMany machines are changed due to the problems associated with the control, drives or inaccurate back gauges, they can still be mechanically sound and potentially offer many years profitable production

P&S has formed a strategic alliance with Generic Solutions, Generic Solutions is a company, based in France, who has developed a range of solutions to upgrade and update machines that are proving expensive to maintain, but are even more expensive to replace

We can offer upgrades to Punch Presses, Lasers, Plasma, and Press Brakes that can be far less expensive than changing the machine, but give the same outcome, a reliable and accurate machine that can now be cost effectively maintained

Please click on the image to to see the Generic Solutions website

For more information please contact us on:-

01827 250000

Email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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